Button Button: Identification and Price Guide

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Button Button: Identification and Price Guide is a book that can be very helpful to both button collectors and dealers. Backed up with the recommendations coming from Button Society, the book is filled with information on how people can identify a button’s age, the material used in making it, price range, and its desirability. The book may come in very handy when visiting antique stores, flea markets, and garage sales.


The book provides the readers with pertinent information regarding button identification that are accompanied by the necessary images and examples. It also lets the readers make comparisons on various buttons so they can fully analyze their history and origins. In addition, there are additional knowledge that a lot of people may be interested in like the reason why people used bones in making bones, why some were shaped like nuts, the correct way of identifying real ivory, and the difference between plastics then and now.


Though prices for the buttons are include in the book, they are listed in the latter part of the book and are also outdated.


Peggy Ann Osborne has been avid collector of pins for many years.