Pinterest Lens

Pinterest recently released Lens, a visual search tool that people can utilize to detect objects in real world and search for related items on the social media platform. Lens is still in beta stages. It comes with the Pinterest mobile app, and people use it to point at any object; afterward, Pinterest will provide results regarding related items.

For example, when people use Lens to detect a pomegranate, results may include pomegranate bread, pomegranate sandwiches, or tips for handling pomegranates. The people can just point their phones (with the open app) toward certain direction and let Pinterest do its own searching.

Introduction of Lens sets a new trend as it lets people search things with the results provided as images of objects in context. For example, when the tool is used to capture an image of the clock, results may include various places or rooms with clock as part of the design. Meanwhile, for clothing, Lens may yield results of clothes of various styles.

Lens utilizes a visual technology introduced by Pinterest in 2015. The tool is now part of the updates for the social media’s app. People can also access related pins through Lens by tapping on a circle in the bottom-right corner of each pin. Aside from Lens, Pinterest also introduced “Shop the Look,” which can identify items and pins and where such items can be purchased.

At present, Lens is available in the United States in iOS or Android format.