The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Buttons

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Buttons includes over 3,000 buttons accompanied by the necessary information starting from the different periods when they are made, what materials were used to make them, who made them, along with supplementary pictures and the current market values of the buttons. The book comes in an encyclopedic format to help the readers search for information much easily.


Not only is the book very informative, it is also updated with most current price estimate for a number of buttons included in it. Moreover, it is very easy to understand due to the thoroughness by which the descriptions are written. The images also fill the readers with nostalgia as some of them come in black and white. The bulk of information included in the book makes it a very good and useful reference book for serious button collector.


Some people are disappointed with the black and white pictures of the buttons. There are also some people who claim that most of the buttons featured in the book are not that common and very hard to come by.