Wedding Planning

Pinterest is perfect source of inspiration for people who want to add some creativity in their lives. Some of the most common images that can be found in the website include those that are related to weddings. Weddings are so popular in Pinterest that around 40 million people integrated the social network while planning for their weddings.

On the other hand, around 900 million wedding-related Pins are saved by pinners every year, whereas 378 million search for wedding-related items. Meanwhile, 27% of pinners make plans for their weddings; this number is comparatively higher than the 18% non-pinners. Remarkably, 81% of engaged pinners are already planning for their weddings in Pinterest though their partners haven’t asked their hands for marriage yet.

Those who utilize Pinterest for planning their wedding normally go to the social network first before checking out other wedding sites. In this discovery stage, they are looking for ideas that can be used in their weddings. Then, as time passes by, people select the themes that they want and use their favorite Pins to apply those themes to their weddings.

Meanwhile, one study showed that Pinners are more involved wedding planners compared with non-Pinners. Pinners place special attention to things that add to the character of their wedding; such things include wedding attire, color palette, and wedding decors. Moreover, Pinners are more apt to search for more information than non-Pinners.

When planning for their wedding, Pinners first think about what they will wear. Thus, for some entrepreneurs, Pinterest serves as a very important marketing tool. Bridal/wedding service providers utilizes Pinterest in reaching out people who are about to get wed and those who are still looking for inspiration or brands that can accommodate their wedding plans.

Meanwhile, other wedding planners use Pinterest’s application-programming interface to help people visualize their ideal wedding. Wedding-related quizzes are also popularized by Promoted Pins, which help people to search more quickly for items that can help them in planning for their weddings. On the other hand, some quizzes are aimed at encouraging women to contribute their own ideas to their own weddings.